How To Tag A Post Correctly For SEO

Posted on Tuesday 31st October 2017 by Logix in SEO

If you want to tag a post correctly for SEO then you will want to follow some basic rules as you do not want to cause issues for your websites main SEO efforts. Saying that some tagging can be incredibly useful for SEO reasons.

Always use simple terms…

What do we mean by simple terms? You want to avoid copying your websites main SEO tags and SEO efforts. By doing so you are not deteriorating your SEO that may be in place. When tagging a post you will want to use some broad match terms and close match terms.

Broad match terms…

This post will be tagged with terms like keywords, SEO, tags and numerous others but will also have the idea of the post as well posed as a question like How to tag a post. This will mean that when someone searches how to tag a post they will hopefully see our tagged post.

Add in related terms…

Adding in related terms will help with search engines adding your content to their directories correctly. Always try and add in tags that are relevant.

Relevant terms…

Going off topic with tags will just hinder your SEO efforts and cause you more trouble in the long run, you don’t want to tag a website with text that is out of context or useless to your post.

The power of tagging…

There is power in tagging, it adds pages to your blog and website. Every new tag if set up correctly will create a new page for that relevant tag and list posts that relate to that tag. So be wary of what you tag your posts with and always keep it relevant to your content.

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